BoA Wire Transfers and Phone Number

Bank of America – Send money overseas quickly and securely with the international wire transfer from Bank of America

If you wish to transfer funds quickly to a family member or friend anywhere worldwide, Bank of America gives an easy solution. Offering wire transfers to a lot more than 200 countries, the bank gives a secure and convenient money transfer solution to its customers. The funds you send typically arrive within two business days and you may lodge your transaction at your nearest Bank of America financial center or through Bank of america phone number.

Who seems to be Bank of America?

With over 57 million personal and business customers on its books, Bank of America is dedicated to helping its customers reach their financial goals. Although a proudly US bank, Bank of America has operations in more than 40 countries across Europe, Africa, the center East, Asia Pacific, and also the Americas. With operations in all of the 50 states, Bank of America has 4,800 retail financial centers, roughly 16,000 ATM’s plus an award-winning online banking platform. A frontrunner in corporate and investment banking, this lender even offers a thorough array of personal banking products and answers to its customers. From checking and saving accounts to charge cards, mortgages, auto loans, and on-line investing, it includes all you need to manage your funds on the day-to-day basis and save to get a secure financial future.

How could you send money overseas with Bank of America?

As a way to send a Bank of America wire transfer you need to come with an account set up using the bank. If you’re not already a customer, it’s possible to do this 16devvpky and easily online – you’ll should provide your social security number, contact information, and residential address. Upon having a merchant account you can then complete a wire transfer to deliver money overseas. You can send a transfer in two ways:

If you choose the web method, simply sign into and select the ‘Transfers’ tab. Next, click the ‘Outside the Bank Transfers’ tab and go into the information of the transaction – exactly how much you’re sending, with what currency, along with the account you’re sending it to. You can send money to a lot more than 200 countries worldwide and your funds typically take two business days to arrive.